Family Law:

A family law practitioner is presented with a multitude of legal, financial and emotional issues in virtually every family law case. One or both parties are often in crisis and unaware of legal rights and obligations.

In these difficult circumstances Attorney Sullivan brings knowledge, experience and compassion to the client. She puts the client’s particular circumstances into a legal framework,and helps the client determine what are realistic goals and options under the current law and how best to obtain goals that the client wishes to pursue.

Individuals and couples in need of a Family Lawyer may want to resolve some or all of the following issues:

Post Judgement Representation:

In many cases, even after the court issues a decree, a party may want to modify the court orders due to material changes in their circumstances or they may want to file for contempt if the other party is not living up to the requirements of the divorce decree. Armed with knowledge of the laws’ parameters and with the critical input of the client, Attorney Sullivan will strongly advocate for the best possible and most equitable result available.

But What If I Don't Have The Money For A Retainer?

The current economic crisis makes it difficult for many individuals and families to pay large retainers and fees for “soup to nuts” representation by a lawyer. There are also many individuals who, with some assistance and preparation by an attorney, feel competent to represent themselves in certain legal proceedings. As a service to her clients, Attorney Sullivan is trained and court-certified to offer her clients LAR.

LAR has been useful in expanding access to justice by providing individuals with an opportunity to hire an LAR certified attorney, such as Attorney Sullivan, for assistance on a limited basis, without incurring the expenses of full legal representation for the entire case. For example:

How To Decide If LAR Is The Best Choice For You:

LAR is not the right choice for every case or every person. At the outset, Attorney Sullivan will assist you in determining if LAR is the best way to proceed with your legal matter.